30 Minutes Before Results

The innumerable Matka Sites on the internet often claim that the Satta Matka game can't be leaked! They go the extent of saying that anything like Leak Matka Result doesn't exist. But, we only have one thing to say to those who claim such stuff, which is 'Think Before You Speak'. To a surprise, these false claims are made by those only who haven't bought or received any Leak Matka game. Taking this further, we would like to ask you that if in case you don't see or got anything in this world, would that mean that thing doesn't exist at all? If this is the case, then would you deny the very existence of God as well?

Many people claim that the moment result is announced, its available to each and every one. It's okay if they say so, as the world is a very small place to live in and the results are known to anyone and anywhere within a fraction of seconds. But as is evident, it's very difficult to make these people understand that the result is not selected out of the blue from anywhere! The result is actually decided one or 2 hours before its declaration.

The Matka game was traditionally played by selecting 3 cards taken from a lot of playing cards, and then arranging these cards in the increasing / ascending order. But the original Satta King changed it to 9 lines. The line from where it is opened is managed by Munim. These lines are managed by different Munims. These 9 lines are matched as it is in every game, due to which it is already decided that 'What's Going to Come Next'!

It's extremely useless to think that the game would have the load or it would change. This business of Matka game runs on Trust only i.e. “Business of Trust Done with Trust". You would get that result only which is decided in advance. I would like to inform you that the am when written is all about cards or Paane. These cards are never shown in a single number or in combination. Kewal unke pass 220 patte hi likhe jaate hai ank aut jodi bichouliye ke liye hoti hai. unko is chiz se koi matlab nahi hai ki 0 se 9 tak kis ank par load hai. aur baat rahi 220 patto ki to 10 anko par to load samaz me bhi aata hai par 220 patto me se ek patte par load kisi kaa baap bhi nahi kar saktaa.

We promise what we deliver! With the help of our reliable sources, we can assure you of announcing results 30 Minute Prior, for which you will have to pay in advance.

Honestly speaking, we don't get prior or advance results daily. We only get these results in advance only once or twice a week, that also in Kalyan Matka or Mumbai Matka games. These games are the ones whose advance booking is done. At present, Leak Matka Result is available only in Kalyan Open and Mumbai Open games.

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